Make your depositions more productive, proficient, and powerful.


Improve the deposition process to make you a better litigator.


Provide immediate access to all document exhibits from anywhere.

Practice litigation, not litigation support. 

As an attorney or paralegal, you face enormous pressure on your time and budget. In this eBook, you will learn about the key productivity benefits of replacing printed document exhibits with laptops and tablets and why this new technology can benefit you and your firm.

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"Paperless depositions are a great example of how new technology can take a tedious, time-consuming, manual process like depositions, and make them more efficient and productive for everyone. "

Tom Mighell
Author of iPad for One Hour for Litigators

FREE: 7 Reasons Electronic Exhibits Increase Attorney Productivity

Go paperless and stop wasting time with exhibit binders and bankers boxes

"The ability to immediately sync the witness to the correct page using a tablet allows the deposition to flow much smoother and faster than having to page through paper documents. "

Eric Hurst
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

"I'm floored by what I saw. AgileLaw’s premise is to allow attorneys to upload documents to the cloud, then present exhibits to witnesses...via a laptop or tablet computer. The concept is remarkable."

Jeffrey Taylor
The Droid Lawyer blogger

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