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The surprising benefits of electronic exhibits include:

Your Depositions Can Be Well-Organized, Clutter-Free, and More Productive

Learn how in this FREE e-book on electronic exhibit technology that is making waves in the legal world

Find The Right Exhibit. Anytime. Anywhere.

Save Time and Money 

Free up time spent preparing document exhibits and exhibit binders. Reduce costs by eliminating printing, copying, shipping and court reporter scanning fees.


Access From Anywhere 

Your exhibits will always be at your fingertips, whether you are working at the office, from the courtroom, or staying up late the night before your deposition. 


Smoother Depositions

Improve your depositions by eliminating clutter associated with binders and binders of exhibits. Find an exact page within seconds, with no fumbling through hundreds of documents.


More Secure Than Paper 

Strong, AES 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest keeps your exhibits safe and secure. 


Despite using this new technology for the first time, the deposition was much smoother with AgileLaw than it would have been using paper exhibits. 

Erika Birg

Partner, Nelson Mullins

I used your program yesterday for the first time. I had to travel and carrying a tablet instead of bankers boxes was a godsend. I am a definite convert. 

Bob Meynardie

Meynardie & Nanny, PLLC

Electronic exhibits are a great example of how new technology can take a tedious, time-consuming, manual process like depositions, and make them more efficient and productive for everyone.

Tom Mighell

Author of iPad for One Hour for Litigators

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